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While the manifest problem that is obvious is that you do not enjoy sex anymore or you do have an urge but it dies down quickly before you can even get excited enough to harden. Don’t worry, when you approach us, we make sure that we diagnose your problem and get to the root of the problem rather than helping you to address the problem that is most obvious.

Our treatment follows graded levels where once the diagnosis is complete, we start you on with the first line of treatment. Most of the times, the problem is so less severe that in the first month itself, the problem is solved with the right medicines. We have a track record of treating the most number of patients with almost nil number of recurrences of the same condition again.

1 Medications

Prescribing of performance drugs that help you get thicker and longer erections and also help you sustain till orgasmic levels.

2.Administering hormones

In men who have lower levels of testosterone, administering it in slow shots can be extremely beneficial to his sexual health.

3.Psychological counseling

A heart to heart conversation with a psychiatrist can help remove the feelings of guilt, anxiety or a loss of a dear one that inhibits one from enjoying one’s sex life.

4.Helping you with manual aids

There are mechanical penile pumps that can help get a great erection and also penile implants that can give you great high as long as they last.

5. Encouraging healthy communication channels between you and your partner and also you and your doctor

Opening the channels of communication and understanding the wants and desires of your partner will help you overcome anxiety in the bed and help you perform better. At the same time, it must be stressed that you should never ever hesitate to tell your doctor the reality about your sex life in case there is any trouble in it.

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